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Explore Israel with fellow travelers from around the world!

Travel is best enjoyed when shared!  Meet fellow travelers from around the world when you join one of our many organized group tours, each designed to take you through Israel’s most iconic sites and give you room to explore on your own, too.  Group tours can be a much more affordable way to explore this fantastic country, and make friends and memories that last a lifetime.  Travel accomodations can be customized to meet your expectations of luxury and comfort for each tour, and vary in trip length to suit your schedule.  Explore the options below, or reach out to us to find the perfect trip for you!

Can't decide if personalized private tours or a group tour is right for you? Here are the main differences: The organized group tour is sometimes called an 'open tour'. It has a set departure day and itinerary which is available on our site to peruse. Prices vary based upon your selection of 4- or 5-star hotels. The groups are open to all ages and vary in size, but most groups are capped at 34 participants. While the itinerary cannot be altered by the clients, it can be a less expensive way to tour. Custom private tours are made up of just your group. You can pick any hotels that you wish, and help in the design of the itinerary as much as you'd like - we include the sites and activities that YOU want to see and do after getting to know you through a phone consultation. Thus, you have tremendous flexibility in this itinerary. If you are enjoying a particular site and wish to stay longer, simply let your tour guide know and he will adjust your schedule. The guides selected for you are the best in the country. Our services come at a higher premium than the pre-packaged group tours, but you'll get EXACTLY the individualized trip you want, with just the people you want to enjoy it with. Get in touch with us and we can help you decide which route is best for you. We can't wait to hear from you!

Bibleland Tour 7 Nights

Classic Tour 14 Nights

Holyland Tour 7 Nights

Classic Tour 12 Nights w/ Eilat

Holyland Tour 10 Nights w/ Eilat

Holyland Tour 10 Nights w/Jordan

Classic Tour 11 Nights

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